Manufacture Process:

The raw material consists of cereals flour (corn, wheat, rice, etc). The raw material is put in the mixer and the mixing is done through a worn thread.
By means of a screw conveyor the mixing follows to the extruder INBRA 200.The extruder is fitted with: special cylindrical holding silo; vibratory doser with hopper to feed the extruding screw; extrusion mechanism and cutting; independent electric panel.
After the extrusion the product is conveyed till the continuous rotary drier through a pneumatic conveyor. The continuous rotary drier has a heat exchanger with gas burner that allows a better heating of the product and it is economically viable owing the low cost of electric power. Case the client prefers we have the electric drier also.
The dried product is taken by the pneumatic conveyor till the mill’s feeding silo where the product is processed through the friction of the hammers and thus obtaining the flour at the desired granulation.