Manufacturing process:

Extruded snacks  are produced through direct expansion. Basic equipments: extruder, drier, seasoner, liquids doser and packaging system.
The basic raw-materials for the production process: corn gritz, oil, salt, flavours and packaging material. Production: 200 kg/hr depending on the product shape.
Product made through the extrusion of a mix of cereals, dried and after milled. This powder is basically a mix of cereals already cooked and ready for consumption.
The mix of cereals to be extruded can be made with a big mixture of cereals grinded or in powder:  corn, rice, wheat, oats, soya, beans, etc.
This product is generally used in the industry of processing instantaneous food.
The above procedure presents one way to add a high value to the cereals having in consideration the great consumption of this product by the food companies.
This product is a result of the pre-gelatinized flours process.  The following basic equipments are necessary:  a mill, a conveyor and a horizontal mixer. In the mixer the seasonings are added:  dehydrated meat / vegetables for the production of soups. For the production of baby food it will be added milk in powder, flavours and vitamins.
Owing the growing of meal for school children and easiness in preparing this kind of product, the market for those products is growing each day.
Breakfast cereals can be produced too, changing the extrusion set only.
Basic equipments: extruder, drier, caramel coater and packaging system.
The product is made from the extrusion process of a mix of cereals (oats, wheat, corn, rice, etc.). The final product in various different shapes is coated with sugar and then can follow for packing. Owing the flexibility of the raw materials, shapes and flavours it can be created various products starting from the same production line.
Breakfast cereals are having a growing market.