Manufacturing procedure:

The corn grits is the basic raw material in the snacks production. The grits is put in the raw material mixer where the water is added and then is conveyed through the screw conveyor till the extruder’s feeding silo. In the extruder we will get the extruded product in the desired shape quickly.
The shapes will depend of the die to be used: shell, shrimp, ball, tube, ring, pizza, etc.
After the extrusion the snacks are conveyed by a pneumatic conveyor into the continuous rotary drier for the product drying.
From the drier the snacks fall into the continuous rotary seasoner and receive the spices (flavours, salt, fat, cheese or other spices). These spices are prepared in the flavours special doser which is coupled of pump and spray-ball.
After being seasoned, the product is conveyed through the vibratory trough that feeds the bucket conveyor and conveys the product to the automatic volumetric packer.The packer will make the snacks packing in bags of 20 to 80 grs (Model A) and 60 to 120 grs (Model B) depending of the client choice.