Complete line of equipments for fried  or baked snacks
production capacity: 120 / 150 kg/hr

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Extrusion mechanism:
• Motor driving and coupled to a speed reducer.
•  Extrusion through mechanical friction. Single screw.
• Flexibility in production of extruded shapes.
• Cutting of the product through knives of variable speed (variable pulleys).

• Homogenizator and moisturizing with  shafts connected  to a speed-reducer.
• Screw conveyor with wings for better homogenization and conveying of the raw material.
•  Water measurer for addition of water and colouring.
• The feeding of the holding hopper is done by suction system.

• Cyclone system.
• Special seasoner.
• Homogenizator for seasoning.
• Eccentric conveyor to eliminate residues of the product to be packed.
• Electric-electronic panel.
• Built in stainless steel with structure in carbon steel coated with special painting

Continuous frier with upper and lower belts in stainless steel for the product conveying.
• Fry the product totally submersed in oil.
• Heat exchanger to heat the oil.
• Variable speed.

Packaging system
• The packing is done by automatic packers.