Complete Line of Equipments for Fried Wheat Dough in three different shapes
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A dough mixer of 100 liters is necessary to prepare the dough. The dough rests for two hours or to be exposed to a stove system with continuous molding. After that the dough goes to a cylinder to get consistency and the ideal thickness for the cutting in the molding machine MF200 and cutter MFE-200.The dough can have three shapes: little pillow, stick and ball.
After the cutting, the dough receives a thin layer of wheat flour through the wheat flour doser of variable speed and crosses a sieve to remove the excess of flour. Then the product is fried in a static fryer during 8 minutes. The fried product follows to a vibratory sieve that feeds the bucket conveyor and conveyed till the seasoner’s silo. In the continuous rotary seasoner the product receives the ideal dosing of spices and goes in a sieve for the removal of powders. The sieve feeds the bucket conveyor that conveys  the product till the volumetric packer’s silo to be packed.