Complete line of Equipments for Potato Chips (plain, waved and shredded)
  Production capacity:  100/120 kg  to 200/240 kg/hr

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•  Silo with dosing trough to feed the cleat conveyor and continuous rotary peeler to to peel and wash the potato simultaneously. It’s coupled with an inspection table.
•  The rotary slicer for  the sliced potato that feeds by gravity the  continuous rotary washer. This equipments washes, removes the starch excess, selects and filters potato residues automatically.
•  Feeder with helicoid screw  fitted with a  water tank and product flux  sensor to dose the quantity of potato to be sliced accurately.
•  After the first washing, the sliced potatoes are conveyed into a hot water continuous washer to remove the  starch and sugar transported by a continuous elevator of boiling water to take out starches and existent  in the potato. This equipment  pre-cooks and washes, selects and filters the potato’s small particles  automatically too. A boiler is coupled to the washing system to heat the water  of the continuous washer.
•  After the last washing, the sliced potatoes pass by a recipient (with a special solution) that will let the product more crunch after the frying. This process will be only  done if the potato is not of good quality to fry.
 Also It is  fitted with  a suction and forced ventilation system to remove  the excess of water from the sliced potatoes before the frying .
•  Continuous fryer  with special blades system to convey the fried potato.
Fitted with a belt at the end of the frier for better homogenization of the frying. Bla de and belts with variable rotation. Also fitted with ‘hot bath’ recipient  to replace the oil in the frier automatically by means of pumps and level sensors.
•  Heat exchanger to recycle and reheat the fat being used in the frying.  Fitted with a great volume circulating pump that removes the fat at the outlet of the frier and passing by the continuous filter  and pumping into the internal coils of the heat exchanger, thus keeping the oil temperature always steady.
•  Continuous doser  of salt/spices . The doser is coupled to a belt that conveys the potato already fried. Under the doser is a trough to collect the salt excess.  This equipment feeds the cooling belt.