Manufacturing Process:

The raw material  consists  of  cereals flours being basically: rice, corn, wheat, bean, and flavors. The flour is put into a horizontal mixer and is conveyed until the feeding silo of the extruder through a screw conveyor in stainless steel.
During the extrusion process  the cereals are pre-cooked for the elimination of fungus and bacteria and to increase the digestibility of the food too.  After the extrusion process  the product is dried in a continuous rotary drier. The drier works with gas  heat exchanger.
After the drying the product is processed in the desired granulation which is  regulated by sieves. The product is taken from the  mill by a conveyor  screw till the bucket conveyor  that  conveys the product till the scale’s holding silo.
The scale makes the dosage of the product through programmed load cells for the desired capacity. In the mill  the product is conveyd by a screw till  the horizontal mixer. In the mixer the desired condiments will be added (dehydrated meat, pea, natural colourings...) The product is ready to be packed and  taken till the packing machine by a screw conveyor.