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INBRAMAQ is considered in Brazil and Latin America the pioneer in technologies development in the cereals extrusion area and has created an own technology 100% Brazilian.
Always searching new technologies INBRAMAQ is consolidated in the world market as a quality company in extruded cereals processing, being the only company in the world that developed extrusion know-how in various segments simultaneously, that is, INBRAMAQ is able to manufacture extruders for human consumption and animal as well.
Everything began more 30 years ago when Mr. Paulo Sergio Thomazelli Terra , today Inbramaq president, accepted to work in the company CIPA-Industry of Aliments Ltda. (Bolachas MABEL), located in Riberião Preto, with the purpose of diversifying the production line (till then biscuits only), having the function of industrial manager.
During 10 consecutive years Mr. Paulo Terra researched and created new extrusion technology and produced a “corn snack” of high nutritive value and put in the market by MABEL with the commercial name of SKINY.
Having in account the great success of the product, CIPA opened the company SCODRIMPORT with the  aim of developing new technologies and  machines for snacks production. In recognition of Mr. Paulo Terra work in the new products creation, he was invited to be partner of the Group in 1978.
Until 1984 the MABEL Group put in the market several types of “snacks” (pellets, etc) produced with the technology that SCODRIMPORT developed.
In end of 1984 the MABEL group was divided and as payment term of his part in the Group, Mr. Paulo Terra kept the company SCODRIMPORT that changed the name to INBRAMAQ-Industria Brasileira de Máquinas Ltda.

INBRAMAQ manufactures equipments for:

Corn snacks models: INBRA RX50, INBRA 100, INBRA 140 and INBRA 200.
Fried or baked snacks INBRA 150.
Expanded fried wheat flour pellets.
Fried dough in shapes ball, stick and little pillow -  MF-200 molding machine.
Flavored, caramel and chocolate Breakfast Cereals. 
Expansion of materials by hot air system (puffed popcorn).
Cereals instantaneous soups, baby food and instantaneous milk meals.
Cereals pre-cooked flours and bread crumb.
Micro and macro extruded feed for dog, cat, poultry, fish, shrimp, etc. Models: MX40, 80, 150, 400, 1000, 2000 e 5000.

Automatic packers: volumetric, multi heads of 8 and 14 scales, linear scale with screw dosing system for powders and with scale to pack bags till 25 kgs.

Today INBRAMAQ has a promising outside market as result of investments in famous national and international Fairs (for example: Fispal, Pet South, Interpack and Anuga in Germany).

Equipments manufactured by INBRAMAQ are in full running in various European, African, Asiatic countries and in all Latin America. 

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